5 Keys To Maximizing Your Content Marketing Campaign

5 keys for maxing content marketing

Track Your Results

Tracking your social media analytics is as important as tracking your income & expenses.  You need to know what’s working and what’s not working.

Test & Test & Test

Along with tracking your results, you need to test what works.  When posting to social networks like Facebook.   Change up your updates with different images/messages and track what gets engagement and dump what doesn’t.

Repurpose Your Content

Stop working yourself to death trying to create loads of content.  Write a good quality blog opst and repurpose it.  Take elements from it and turn into tweets, facebook, google+, linkedin updates, slideshares, infographics, short videos or pinterest pins.


The world – It’s a changing!  Visual is becoming just as important as the message.  Use quality images with your blog posts, status updates and your branding of cover pages on social networks.

Content Curation

There’s no problem sharing other peoples content.  Just make sure they are given credit.  If you find an interesting article in your niche and you think your community will find it useful and entertaining…share it.

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