[Tutorial] How To Effectively Use Board Booster For Pinterest

Here is a curated tutorial from Rosemarie of The Busy Budgeter.  She lays out fantastic videos on how to setup properly the use of Board Booster.

How To Set Up Your Groups Boards

This video is an intro on how to set up board booster for the first time.

Board Booster Looping

What is great about Board Booster is that you can setup Looping  which helps you revive older pins you've created before you gained most of your followers.  The best way to revive those pins is to repin them to the same board. Board BoosterLooping can automate this process for you.

Limiting Your Source Boards

This video shows how to limit your source secret boards to repin automatically to several boards only related to those boards.  Instead of having one secret source board to loop, you have several secret source boards to be more targeted.

How To Join Boards On Pinterest

This video walks you through step-by-step on how to find and join group boards.  This may sound complicated, but can be a easy process once you see it in person.

Setting Up Campaigns In Board Booster

This is a video by Rosemarie on how to setup your boards and secret boards for an auto campaign to pin to your boards on a regular systematic schedule.