Why Your First Website Should Not Be A Runway Model

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You can spend thousands and thousands on your first website.

…But why?

Do you really think that if you build it they will come?

This is not “Field Of Dreams” and Kevin Costner will not bring in the crowds.

At least not at first.

Unless you have a enormous following or customer base with a huge social media following or email list…you’re not going to see a huge influx of traffic to your website when you hit the “Publish” or “Live” button.

It’s like having a beautiful runway model walking down the middle of your room with all empty chairs.

web design mobile Alabama empty room

And if you are using content management to get things off to a start, you’re gonna be waiting for at least a year (that is if your content is SEO centered and optimized).

That’s why my philosophy is to spend a small portion of your marketing budget on your web design and the bulk of it on marketing efforts.

You can always grow into your web design at a later time when the traffic starts growing.

Timothy Haney

Tim has over 15 years of experience in web design, SEO and social media networking as it relates to web design. His family has owned and managed several businesses over the last 40 years.

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